Drug and Alcohol

We understand the specific medical needs of patients going through drug and alcohol treatment programs.  A partnership with KOPPS means your patients get their medications and supplies in a timely, accurate manner.  KOPPS will work with you and your staff to address individual patient needs and coordinate delivery schedules that work with your program.

Here are a few highlights of what you can expect:

  • Pharmacists available 24/7
  • Customer service reps and delivery available 7 days/week
  • Multiple options for medication packaging
  • Compatibility with numerous eMAR programs
  • Consolidated ordering for medical and facility supplies

We view ourselves as part of your continuum of care to get your patients back to a better, healthier life.

Contact us today at (610) 578-0411 to see how we can help or reach out directly to Ross Popko, Sales Manager, at sales@koppsrx.com.